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What is EtherCAT?

EtherCAT is Ethernet for Control Automation Technology. It is a technology based on Ethernet and was developed specifically with industrial automation in mind.EtherCAT use standard frames as well as the physical layer as characterized in IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Standard...

What is an Encoder?

An encoder is a device that is used in many industries to provide feedback. In the most basic terms, an encoder, regardless of the type, which we will cover later, senses "position", "direction", "speed", or "counts".Encoders will use motion, under a variety of...

What is Ethernet/IP?

First, let’s separate the terms between Ethernet and IP. When most people think of Ethernet, we think in terms of a physical connection.You may have an Ethernet port on your computer in which you plug in a cable that then connects to a router or switch. This...

How to Program a Basic PID Loop in ControlLogix

In automation programming, we are often required to program a control loop for a given process to control temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. This requires a target set-point with a controlled feedback process variable.1. Introduction to PID Control LoopA PID...

What is OSI Model?

OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection and is a conceptual framework for how applications communicate over a network. There are seven layers within the model and the layers depiction is used to help users identify what is happening within a networking...

What is ControlNet?

Need a solution to talk on your industrial network? Let’s look at ControlNet. ControlNet is an open industrial network protocol and is managed by “Open DeviceNet Vendors Association” or ODVA. ControlNet is based on a "token-passing" bus control network and we will...

What is Sensor Calibration and Why is it Important?

When engineers design modern process plants, they specify sensors to measure important process variables, such as flow, level, pressure, and temperature. These measurements are used to help the process control system adjust the valves, pumps and other actuators in the...

What is Ethernet?

Have you heard of IEEE 802.3? It has a long history and has to do with our topic today, Ethernet. 1. Introduction to Ethernet Ethernet is a communication standard that was developed in the early ’80s to network computers and other devices in a local environment such...

What is Fieldbus?

Fieldbus isn’t really one thing but more of a collection of things. Fieldbus is a group of protocols that are used in the industrial arena. The Fieldbus protocols have been standardized as IEC61158.Basically, Fieldbus works on a network that permits various topologies...

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