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What is a Soft Starter?

There are quite different methods for starting an electric motor such as “Direct On Line (DOL)”, “Star-Delta”, “Auto Transformer”, “Primary Resistor”, or using solid-state power electronic devices such as “VFD” or “Soft Starter”. Every single method has its own...

What is a Pressure Sensor?

If you are reading this article, then you are probably wondering what exactly is a pressure sensor. Today, we will hopefully cover all of the questions you may have about pressure sensors.What is Pressure?To understand pressure sensors, first, you need to understand...

What is an Electrical Control Panel?

Have you ever wondered how an automobile assembly line is controlled? In this video and article, we are going to talk about what controls large or small mechanical processes like an assembly line. That device is called an electrical control panel.Think of an...

What is a Gas Turbine?

In this article and the video below, you are going to learn what a Gas Turbine is and how it works in a very easy-to-follow format.  Two of the most common applications of Gas Turbines in modern industries are Turbo Generators and Turbo Compressors. I try to approach...

How to Convert a Basic Wiring Diagram to a PLC Program

Today you will learn how to convert a basic wiring diagram to a ladder logic PLC program. This can be a very handy skill to learn, especially if you are converting a machine to PLC control.Upgrading a machine to PLC control may seem like a daunting task. However, if...

What is EtherCAT?

EtherCAT is Ethernet for Control Automation Technology. It is a technology based on Ethernet and was developed specifically with industrial automation in mind.EtherCAT use standard frames as well as the physical layer as characterized in IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Standard...

What is an Encoder?

An encoder is a device that is used in many industries to provide feedback. In the most basic terms, an encoder, regardless of the type, which we will cover later, senses "position", "direction", "speed", or "counts".Encoders will use motion, under a variety of...

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