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“From my experience, I have to say that RealPars is the most professional online training program out there. The instructors are easy to follow and clearly explain PLC theories with excellent supporting visuals and real-life application examples. I like that they provide a summary after each lesson that brings together all the information and makes it easier to retain. Plus, I can train anytime, anywhere. I’m a maintenance apprentice right now, but when I complete RealPars training I’ll be ready to go after the PLC programming jobs I want.”

Marcin Trojak

 Multi-Skilled Engineering Maintenance Apprentice, Amazon

 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

“I’m a maintenance technician at my company and I recently transferred to automation. We’re working more and more with Siemens so I needed to get up to speed on the newest PLC software. RealPars videos feel like a real classroom experience. The instructors are great…they’re easy to follow and they make the lessons relevant to real-world applications and I like that. I definitely recommend RealPars.”

Eduardo Calit

Automation Maintenance Tech, Etimex USA

Charlotte, North Carolina


“I work on electrical and instrument maintenance now, but my goal is to become a fulltime PLC programmer. University courses take too much money and time. The RealPars video training method is great…the instructors are all experts and speak clearly so they keep my interest and are easy to follow. I’m eager to gain even more PLC expertise as new content is added.”

Mohammad Khabazi

Electrical/Instrument Maintenance, General Electric

Houston, Texas

“In my engineering job, it’s important to understand PLC programming, and it wasn’t offered at the school where I got my Master’s degree. There’s no question in my mind that expertise I’ve gained from RealPars training has made me more confident in job interviews and helped me land my current position. I look forward to continuing advancing my knowledge using it.”

Santhosh Kumar Gujje

Process Analytics Engineer, Shire (Bio-Pharmaceuticals)

Lexington, MA

Introducing RealPars


Our video courses are designed to propel you toward the career you want and change your future for the better.
Our teaching videos move along at the perfect pace to keep you captivated, not confused. And our engaging instructors create opportunities in every lesson to test your personal learning.
Forget the vague theoretical exercises in 20-lb. textbooks. Our lessons are based on what we’ve personally experienced as PLC programmers. Every video provides practical training that can be applied immediately to real-world projects.


The RealPars virtual classroom is always as close as your iOS or Android device. Simply log on to our website, with the device you prefer, to follow a huge variety of courses about industrial automation.

We only teach you the information you need to program a PLC. No fluff; no filler information; just real education you can use
Learn anywhere, anytime.
If you’ve got a free moment, we’ve got an instructor ready to teach you. No more getting closed out of a class or missing one—when your computer is your classroom, you can learn anytime it’s convenient.

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